Monday, February 20, 2012

Should Writers Post Manuscript Pages on their Blogs?

Google has failed me.

Usually I just type in a question and the all-powerful Google tells me the answers. Since I've been trying to figure out whether I should post the first few pages of my manuscript on this blog, I asked the Google but to no avail. I'm sure that somewhere in the infinite blogoverse there is the perfect post telling me what to do but for now all I've been able to find are clues. For example, the awesomely cool Query Shark commented way back in 2008 that:

"If an agent doesn't ask for pages, or specifically says not to send them, I do like the idea of a blog or a website with pages available. That's a good idea. I've actually started looking at some of those."

I'm pretty much in the do-whatever-the-Query-Shark-says camp but I wish there was something out there a little more definitive. Have you seen anything? Should I grow a pair and post some pages? Throw me a bone!


  1. I want to be Janet Reid in my next life. 2008 was a long time ago, though. The Shark herself asks for pages at the end of the query email now. If agents are in the 21st century, I think they're doing this. If you *want* to post pages though, nothing stopping you but yourself.

    And it took me several days, but I _finally_ figured out how to follow a blog.

  2. Thanks Cara, I appreciate the advice.

  3. Janet Reid actually recently reiterated that authors SHOULD have something up on their site, but not to link that to agents instead of sending pages in a query.

    Think about it; putting the blog address in the query letter is good, linking the agent to the blog to read your pages INSTEAD of following their submission directions = bad.

    I put the first few pages of my manuscript up. You never know who is going to stop by...


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