Friday, February 24, 2012

Shout Out Friday

To end the work week I'd like to give a couple shouts to two fellow writers/bloggers who have been awesome enough to help me out with my query letter. Check out their blogs and give them some love!

Feaky Snucker is the alias of a Canadian writer, blogger, singer who has great edgy writing blog where she unashamedly uses big words and bad words. She's awesome.

David Powers King is a fantasy author with a popular writing blog that just passed the 600 follower mark. Congratulations David!

I also want to want to make folks aware of a couple writing contest that are great for getting your creative juices flowing:

Writers Digest has a very cool Your Story Competition where you work from a prompt (a picture, a sentence, a list of words) to create part of or all of a story. These prompts come out on an irregular basis but there's one out right now that has a deadline of April 10th so get yours in. Plus it's free!

My other favorite ongoing contest is the Writers Weekly 24-hour Short Story Competition. These are held on a quarterly basis and, as the name suggests, writers are given just 24-hours to come up with a short story based on a prompt. The Spring 2012 contest is coming up April 28th and registration is limited to the first 500 people. It's only $5 and it's a ton of fun.

Have a good weekend!

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