About Me & Contact Info

Me and the wife and the dog hiking in central Oregon.
Hello! My name is Adam Gaylord and I'm a biologist and writer living in Loveland, CO.

Right off the bat I have a confession: I haven't always loved to write. In fact, growing up I hated to write. It wasn't until I found myself working a mindless factory job one winter that I realized the stories I kept myself entertained with might actually be of interest to someone else. Since then I've fallen in love with all things writing.

Me and Diego at Washington State University. Diego rocks!
I mainly write science fiction and fantasy. I really enjoy crafting short stories, specifically scenes that focus on a specific ethical issue or some facet of humanity. I'm a huge fan of robots and love how the pseudo-humans we create can shine such light on our own humanity.

I have a fantasy novel, Sol of the Coliseum, out from Mirror Wold Publishing. It's about a gladiator slave trying to escape the violence and oppression of the only home he's ever known, the great Coliseum of the Astrolian Empire.

I also have a couple screen plays I'm working on that I have high hopes for. And I usually have some kind of poem , song, or comic that I'm tinkering with. Someday I'll learn to play the guitar so that I can be crazy and put my songs on YouTube.

I'm also a huge fan of craft beer. A buddy of mine and I started a web-series telling the stories behind some of our favorite Pacific Northwest breweries. Check is out at www.Hopstories.com.
My Amelia

I'm happily married to a to a wonderful woman who supports all of my crazy writing dreams (as long as I finish my chores first). Our latest adventure is parenthood. Our daughter, Amelia, was born in September 2014 and our son in September 2016. They're both endlessly entertained by our dog, Pippin, who tolerates my writing, although he's not thrilled about any activity that doesn't involve tug-o-war.

I'd love to hear from you. Please comment on any post, email me at adamgaylordwrites(at)gmail(dot)com, or better yet, check me out on Twitter @AuthorGaylord.