Saturday, September 8, 2012

Science Fiction and Fantasy Paying Markets


I've posted a new page here on my blog that I hope will help some folks sell some stories! I'm also including the info in this post.

There are plenty of good sites out there listing paying markets for fantasy and science fiction short stories but most of the time that's all they are, lists. I put this table together for my own reference and I'd like to share it with you. I make absolutely no promises that the information is up to date or accurate (although I will try my best). Please see individual websites for specific information. If you have any corrections, addition, and/or comments, please feel free to email me at adamg73(at)juno(dot)com.

If there's a blank cell that means I couldn't find that bit of information. C/W means cents per word.

Name Genre(s) Max Length Pay Response Time Notes
Abyss and Apex Sci-fi, Fantasy 10k 5 c/w up to 1.5k, $75 for longer 3 months Especially interested in flash fiction (&lt1.5k)
Analog Sci-fi 2k-7k for shorts, 10k-20k for novelettes, and 40k-80k for serials 6-8 c/w up to 7.5k, $450-$600 for 7.5k-10k, 5-6 c/w for longer 5 weeks
Azimovs Sci-fi 20k 6-8 c/w up to 7.5k, 6-6.5 c/w for 7.5k+ 5 weeks
Black Gate Epic Fantasy None 3-6 c/w up to 5k, $150-$200 from 5k-15k, $200-$250 for 15k+ 3-5 months Currently closed to submissions, Accepts simultaneous submissions
Buzzy Mag Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror 10k 5 c/w 6-8 weeks Accepts novel length manuscripts
Clarkesworld Sci-fi, Fantasy 1-8k 10 c/w up to 4k, 5 c/w for longer 2 days
Fantastic Frontiers Sci-fi, Fantasy 500-2k 3 c/w
Fantasy and Science Fiction Sci-fi, Fantasy 25k 6-9 c/w 8 weeks Snail mail only
Flagship Sci-fi, Fantasy 2k-7k $25/story
Interzone Sci-fi, Fantasy 10k Snail mail only
Miscellanea Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror 300 $10/story
On Spec Sci-fi, Fantasy,Horror 1k for "short short stories", 6k for short stories "sss" = $50, ss = $125 (1k-3k), $175 (3k-5k), $200 (5k-6k) 3 months
Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show Sci-fi, Fantasy None 6 c/w up to 7.5k, 5 c/w for 7.5k+ 3 months
Strange Horizons Sci-fi, Fantasy 9k (5k max prefered) 7 c/w, $50 min. 2 week avg., 70 day max
Tugboat All 3.5k 10 c/w, $50 min. Currently closed to submissions


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for this breakdown and all the links and info. Amazing!

  2. Great idea to put up this list, Adam! I don't know much about short fiction markets, so if I'll ever need some info, this is the first place I'll come to. :)

  3. Very nice list, Adam! I found my way here from Vero's tweet. :)

    If you're taking suggestions, I'd add Lightspeed, Daily Science Fiction, Apex, Cosmos, Penumbra,, and Escape Pod. Those are all pro, SFWA-qualifying markets (except Penumbra, which hasn't been around long enough to qualify as an SFWA market). That's just the pros I could think of off the top of my head. Lots of awesome semi-pros and what not out there as well.

    Oh, one minor typo note: Asimov's is with an "S". Keep up the good work. You've got yourself a new follower!

    1. Glad to have you J.W. and thanks for the suggestions. I'll add these (and some others I've found) soon.


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