Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pirate Booty

Ahoy thar buckos!


 Bein' that it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I be want'n to share some plunder! Arrrrr!!!!!


 Fer ye' lovers of canine bilge rats, I be sharin' with ye two links:

Dog Shaming - Fer those particularly scurvy bilge rats


My dog: the paradox - A mighty "Arrrr!" to the scurvy wench that goes by Vero fer markin' an X on this buried treasure 


Fer ye' lovers of yarns of the metal-man and fantastical variety (science fiction and fantasy), feast yer yellow-dog eyes on  these:


Daily Science Fiction - Make yer mark fer a yarn sent daily by e-bottle 


 If'n yer learnin' aint too good an' ye' be wantin' to hear yer yarns rathar'n read 'em, sail yer ship o'er to Escape Pod an Pod Castle (both be willin' to pay ye fer yer own yarns).

Finally, fer ye lubbers that be lackin' inspiration, sight yer cannons on Penumbra! These urchins be wantin' yer yarns!

A' vast ye and shiver me timbers!!! 



  1. You. Are. So. Funny...

    I'm think you were born in the wrong time period... ;)

  2. Consider my timbers to be well and truly shivered. :D

  3. I love that you could do a whole post like that!

    1. What be th' reason ye not be speakin' like a proper pirate?

  4. Har har har!!! Whatta way to start me mornin'! :D

    Thanks for an awesome read, Adam! I've groaned and growled and sprained a muscle in my face trying to read this aloud! *good times*

  5. LOL, I had no idea there was an international talk like a pirate day. Thanks for enriching my life with this knowledge and the for the great links.


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