Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Shout Outs

I had a wonderful weekend full of BBQ and writing. Really, what more can you ask for out of life?

To keep the ball rolling and start the week off right I want to throw out some love to a couple writers near and far.

Fist off, I'd like to invite everyone to check out the new YA novel "First Comes Love" by fellow Corvallis writer Katie Kacvinsky who has a book signing here in town on May 8th, come one come all!

Second off (wait, is that right?), for those of you with a morbid streak (like me) I encourage you to check out The Death Writer, a cool blog about all things death and how they relate to writing.

Also, I would like to thank everyone again that took the time to help my on my query letter. Let's give it up for:

Morgan Shamy
Connie Keller
Steven Till

Reneea Miller

Veronica Sicoe

Finally, I'd like to celebrate the end of the A-Z blogging challenge! I don't know about anyone else but I am sick of alphabetized blog posts!


  1. Thanks for some very interesting blog posts (despite the alphabetized cues) -- and thanks for the mention. ;)

    I'm definitely going to stick around and see what else you're up to. And I want champagne when you strike a contract on behalf of Sol. Deal?

    1. I just found this comment in my spam box (it's 9/16/12). I've got to check that more often!

  2. I am sick of them too! XD

    I'll check out the blogs. Thanks!

  3. Hm, I've commented on your post before, but Blogger seems to have swallowed it. Anyway, I'm used to software messing up, it's part of my dayjob. :P

    Thanks for the mention, Adam, and for some very interesting posts! I'll sure stick around your blog, and see what you're up to. And I want some champagne when you sign a contract on behalf of Sol. Deal?

    1. Someday we'll find out where all those swallowed non-posts go.

      If the wife and I are ever in your neck of the woods (whatever neck that might be) we'll take you and your hubby out to dinner whether there's a book deal or not.


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