Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Losing the Lorax

I have a couple interesting science/writing related bits-of-interesting to share with you today that I picked up from Conservation Magazine.

The first is an article reviewing a study (Williams et al, 2012) tracking the decline of nature-based characters, settings, and themes in children's books titled "Losing the Lorax".

This is a trend I find a little disturbing. As a child, some of my favorite books were nature based. For example:

Pickle Chiffon Pie was all about appreciating nature without dominating or altering it.

Or my all time favorite children's book, Make Way For Ducklings, taught us that sometimes nature needs a helping hand.

This study makes me wonder, where is this trend coming from? Do you think the loss of nature in children's books reflects a change in our societies priorities? Are children's book authors writing fewer nature themed books or are the publishers publishing fewer? Any thoughts?

The other cool science story really has nothing to do with writing it's just...CHECK OUT HOW TINY THIS FROG IS!!!

At less than 8 mm long, this little guy the smallest non-fish vertebrate known to man. You can learn more about the frog and its discovery from the aptly titled article "Downsizing". Enjoy!


  1. Nature disappearing from children's books might have something to do with the fact that kids who grow up on farms don't get many stories read to them, while kids that grow up in cities care more about Pokemon and PSP games than ducklings. Sadly. I'm not really sure, but I don't particularly like it either, and I don't like that kids don't play as much outside as they should.

    That frog's sooooooo cute!

    1. You don't particularly like either kind of child? Well, at least you like frogs.

  2. Ha-ha! Funny reply, Adam. I'd be more worried about this trend if I wasn't writing a book where Boy Scouts have to save the broken Heartland on the first Earth, devastated by a great war. The Scouts have the job of cleaning up the poisoned environment. I'm not sure of percentage in other eco-books for teens, so I'd like to know if I'm one of few. I have come across others, about 5, but that can't be all, can it? If you get a chance, help me choose my book hook. I just now submitted to inkPagent and saw yours. Thanks!

    1. I took a look at your hooks. I hope my comment helps!

  3. Whoa... that picture is tripping me out... ;)

    Great post. :D


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