Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tips on Writing and Stories

Hi friends, just stopping by to share a couple really great articles. The firs is by the wizard behind Pixar's Up and Inside Out, Mr. Pete Docter. These are his tips on creating great stories. I actually keep this tab up on my phone and read it once every few weeks, it's that good.

On Developing Story Ideas, by: Pete Docter

The second is a really interesting piece from Indie author Hugh Howey. I don't agree with everything he says (or at least I don't think everything he says applies to me because I don't aspire to be a full time author) but the main points are really valuable.

So You Want To Be A Writer, by: Hugh Howey



  1. Hey. Your last post was on my birthday. Forever ago. :)

    I've missed your blog. But I'm glad to be back in blogosphere. Hope you're doing well, Adam. I love your blog and thoughts and humor. :)


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