Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Accept Your Story’s Place

Every story has a place. 

I firmly believe that for every story you write there’s an agent or an editor out there that will both love and want to publish it. I also believe that with patience and persistence you can find these people. And by all means, shoot for the moon. I send every story I write to every professional paying market I know. But not every story I write is worthy of a professional market. Hell, most stories I write aren’t up to snuff. And that’s OK. 

After I exhaust every pro market I hit the semi-pro, then the token. And if my story ends up at some e-mag I’ve never heard of with thirty subscribers and I end up making $5 on the deal, that’s OK. I write because I love it; anything else is a bonus. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel bitter when the perfect market passes on your story (I’m looking at you DailyScienceFiction) but bitterness and anger hurt the process, not help it. Remember, the market decides your story’s price but you decide your story’s worth. 

Hope blooms eternal. 

Wherever your story ends up is where it belongs. 

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  1. Love the perspective. Love the conclusion. Write on, Adam!


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