Friday, April 19, 2013

Poem: Hold the Lettuce

We went to Chicago a few weeks ago and I was a bit overwhelmed by everything about it. It's just so huge and there are so many people. It was, by far, the biggest city I'd ever been in and I was struck by the utter lack of plant or animal life. So I wrote a poem. Enjoy!

So many people.
Layers upon layers of humanity.
A giant smoldering mankind sandwich.
Hold the lettuce.
So little green.
So many lives. So little life.
Every religion, creed, race, color.
Except green.
Hold the lettuce.
Brick and concrete.
Shopping Meccas. Temples of consumption.
Sell everything imaginable.
Except green.
Hold the lettuce.


  1. Big city existence is a whole different reality. I've hit Manhattan a couple times--a bit overwhelming. Las Vegas is the next biggie for me. Heading there on business next month. A 5,000 room hotel. Everyone in my town could book a stay there with rooms to spare! Green is good. And so is lettuce. ;-)

    1. You've lived in Manhattan? Visiting a huge city is one thing. I think I'd have a very hard time living there.


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