Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Song: Hot Geek Girlfriend

My wife and I took a trip over the Thanksgiving holiday and I told myself before we left that I was going to do TONS of writing.

Well...that didn't really work out. I did a little, mainly just jotting down ideas on random pieces of paper. My one solid writing accomplishment for the trip was a new song. If you've checked it out before today, you may have noticed that the "My Songs" page of this blog only had one song on it. It should have been called "My Song". BUT NO MORE! Now there are 2. They are truly plural.

I want to give a huge shout out to John Anealio who's awesomely geeky songwriting inspired me (I especially love this one). Be sure to check him out.

And as long as I'm doing shout outs, be sure to check out Ms. Sicoe's inspiring post about unrealistic expectations and insecurity. Inspiring!

Ok, now for the song:

Hot Geek Girlfriend

We met at a con
I was dressed as Aragorn
She said she’s always be my Arwen

Cosplays as 7 of 9
Her skin tight jumpsuit looks so fine
I will never be alone again

Oh no she’s ain’t no booth babe
Here just to hock some new game
She’s a nerd like me
Just much better looking
She’s my hot geek girlfriend

She speaks fluent Klingon
And quotes Monty Python
George R.R. Martin poster on her wall

She knows that Hon shot first
And the new Star Wars are the worst
Was no doubt it’d be for her I’d fall

Oh no she’s ain’t a noob
WOW Pally level 82
She’s a nerd like me
Just much better looking
She’s my hot geek girlfriend

Someday we’ll tie the knot
Dressed like Uhura and Mr. Spock
Have little Ewok kids
We’ll never hit the skids
She’s a nerd like me
Just much better looking
She’s my hot geek girlfriend

She’s my hot geek girlfriend 

What do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness-- LOVE IT. I had to reread a few parts because they were so good. Ya know, you've got a gift there!

  2. This is a crack up. The lyrics are awesome.

  3. This is awesome! What a sweet declaration of love. Besides -- geekery! #highfive

    But... how about a recording? *cocks an eyebrow suggestively*

    And thanks a lot for the mention. ;)

  4. So much awesome geekery in these lyrics. Love it! :P

  5. Sweet. Really is good, Adam. My wife's not a geek, but she loves one. Next best thing, I suppose. ;-)


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