Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5 Resons Every Writer Needs A Dog

Good news everyone who's trying to convince their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, mistress, mom, dad, landlord, roommate, body double, parole officer, gay cousin, -self that you need a dog:

I'm going to give you 5 good great reasons that will finally shut them up once and for all are sure to convince them that as a writer, you need a new best friend.

Sorry cat lovers, this post isn't for you. Actually, there's a pretty good chance that you'll never find a post on this site extolling the virtues of cat ownership. Cats aren't my thing.

No wait, you'll love my cat. He's just like a dog.

You have a pet that makes me sneeze and craps indoors but otherwise is just like a dog. Why don't you just get a dog. Oh, and don't let your cats outside people. Seriously. They're pretty much the 8th biblical plague as far as wildlife goes.


 Anyway, back to subject at paw:

I got your back!
1. Companionship: Even though there are plenty of posts floating around to the contrary, writing really is a solitary sport. The internet has given us writers a wonderful tool to interact with and stay connected to other writers, which is great. But when it comes down to the actual act of writing, it's just you a blank page...and your dog (if you have one). My dog is my writing partner. While I'm typing away you can usually find him under my desk lending emotional support.

Good dog.

2. Dog Walking Cures Writers Block: I swear this is true. Whenever that blank page wants to stay blank I just walk the dog. **POOF** The mind clears and the ideas come.

Q: Want to know what to do if that doesn't work?

A: Walk the dog again.

3. A Dogs Not Gonna Pee On Your Laptop: I have a friend who's laptop was just fried by her cat's overactive bladder. I'm just saying.

Pippin's listening!
4. Dogs Are Great Listeners: As writers, it's sometimes hard to get people to listen to our story ideas. Our friends and family are sick of it. Our significant others do their best but their eyes glaze over as soon as the words "plot hole" are uttered. It's not their fault. But your dog will listen. He will listen intently to every crazy story idea and character description you subject him to. Sure he's only paying attention in the hopes of hearing the word "treat" but that's not important. What really matters is that you have an audience that pays attention to what your saying (and doesn't give snarky feedback to boot!).



  1. I need a dog like I need a hole in the head. My last dog was a doll baby (a 95 lb. defender of goodness in the world). I thought I needed another dog after he succumbed to a brain tumor, but I can't imagine all the work that goes into keeping a dog. I just borrow my neighbors dogs when I really need to get a puppy fix. Saves HAVING to walk them all the time. I just walk them when I want to! :)

  2. I am Charlie Holmberg, and I approve this message.

  3. Dogs are awesome! :) If one has the time and possibility to offer them a good life. Nothing beats that cold nose and tail wag.

  4. A nicely-outlined argument indeed. Makes me really miss having a dog. There's no sign of one in my future, either -- my young man is allergic to dog saliva. Maybe if we get a dog that isn't lick-y...

    As to the posts floating around to the contrary (that writing isn't a solitary occupation) -- yes it is between you and the paper, but at some point you need feedback...generally AFTER you've written the damn thing. Mostly I think it's that despite it being a solitary activity, it doesn't need to be a LONELY existence, which is what networks and such are good for.


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