Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Zombie Song

I dabble in song writing. If I feel inspired to write a song, its' usually because I've woken up with most of a fully formed song in my head and unless I get it down on paper ASAP, it will drive me insane.

I'm also learning to play guitar which, amazingly enough,  can be a good accompaniment to song writing. The thing is, I often have to prioritize among my many hobbies and more often than not, when I have to decide what to devote time to, writing wins.

So, since I'm not using the songs I write, I want others to. Take a look at my song page and see what you think. If you happen to be musically inclined and feel inspired to try one of them out, you have my permission to do so as long as you do 3 things:

1. Give me credit for writing the song
2. Tell me your using the song
3. Send me an mp3, video, vhs, dvd, chalk drawing, etc, of you playing the song so that I can have the satisfaction of knowing that something I've created has spread it's wings and fledged.



  1. I am also a musician:)

    Wonder twin powers activate!

  2. Nice. Would be interesting to hear it accompanied by music.

  3. My wonder twin is a slightly deranged Canadian librarian? Sweet!

  4. Thanks Kristin. I'm working on getting it set to music. Stay tuned...


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