Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Fiction Writing

I know I've mentioned this site a few times (probably because I'm so impressed with it) but I want to encourage everyone once again to go check out On Fiction Writing, a wonderful on-line writing community that has improving my quality of life ten fold!

OFW has weekly author interviews, regular features with tips and techniques to improve your writing, book reviews, flash fiction, and my personal favorite, the opportunity for critique from fellow writers. Check out the in the Agora section to post query letters and synopses for critique or head over to the Workshops page to post chapters and short stories and to review what others have submitted. Nothing helps your own writing quite like critiquing others, believe me. 

AND, for a limited time (not really) I have a robot-centric sci-fi short story up for review that I would love for anyone and everyone to tear apart.

So go to OFW, get involved in the writing community, and critique my story!


  1. Done. Read -- liked -- reviewed. I hope you find my comments useful. ;)

    1. You're the best Vero. I'll go check it out!

    2. Wow, thank you for the very thoughtful review. I agree with most of your minor points (except for the "brain" part, I think that's accepted vernacular, I'll check) and wholeheartedly agree with the major points (the ending and the dryness). Your comments should help a ton during revisions.

      You're Romanian?

    3. Thanks, Adam! I'm glad you're finding us useful, despite the kinks we're working out. I read your story, but had little to add to Veronica's critique. she summed it up pretty well, I think. I hope you'll post more, and FYI, synopses and queries can also be posted in Peer Review for polishing.

  2. *cough*

    Hey, Adam, would you do me the honors and kindly accept the Kreativ Blogger Award? ;)

    *hopes he doesn't live with the illusion she'll take NO for an answer*


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