Thursday, February 16, 2012

Estrogen Laden Writing Blogs

I wasn't planning on continuing my discussion of gender in writing/authors/reading/blogging/etc. but while taking a turn around my favorite writing blogs this afternoon (when I should be cleaning data for my thesis project) I noticed something: there sure are a lot of female written blogs out there. Perhaps I'm just not stumbling on the blogs of my male writing companions but it looks to me like if you are on a blog about writing, publishing, etc., then chances are it was written by a woman. And the comment sections are filled with posts from women as well. I'm certainly not complaining. In fact I think it's wonderful! As a white middle-class straight man, I'm just not used to being in the minority. It also makes me wonder about some recent posts I've read about sex bias in things like publishing and book reviews (I recommend reading Jennifer Weiner's post here.) I also read a very interesting response to some of the criticisms by Teddy Wayne who claims that it's actually men who have the rougher time  in the publishing industry. I can't claim to have an opinion on the subject because I'm no well informed enough but how about you? Do you think that there's a bias in the publishing world for one sex or another?

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